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AOC Minervois red, rose and white

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Domaine Sainte Léocadie Domaine La Prade Mari Domaine Sainte Luchaire Domaine Lauge cooperative winery Les Trois Blasons

Domaine Sainte Leocadie is located in the village of Aigne.
This domain produces AOC Minervois white, rose and red wines.

Domaine La Prade Mari is situated near Aigne. The 26 hectares of vineyards are planted on the brown silt-clayey soil, snugly sheltered from the wind on the southerly slopes of eroded "Mourels".

Domaine Ste Luchaire is a vineyard located on slopes facing south, on the soil of «Les Mourels». It produces concentrated, sunny and complex wines.

Domaine Laugé produces white, rose and red wines. The vineyard spreads out around the village of Aigne on 30 hectares of clayey limestone facing south..

The cooperative winery «Les Trois Blasons» includes the villages of Aigne, Azillanet, Cesseras, La Caunette and Minerve. The vineyards stretch over three terroirs : «le causse», «le petit causse» and «les mourels».

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