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AIGNE - Our artists

Françoise Jatteau devant un de ses tableaux Pascal Cossin at work image du domaine Sainte Luchaire Pascal Migeon au travail intérieur du magasin d'art décoratif de Valérie Pantanella

Art workshops and exhibitions of works by Françoise Jatteau - painter - and Olivier de Kerckhove - sculptor.
Learn more about… L'Atelier Jatteau.

Permanent exhibition of works by Pascal Cossin in a picturesque alley of the village. Come discover the sculpture studio in operation.

Travel in Europe and the United States of Andrew Grimm inspired his figurative art. This traveler has an amazing range of portraits, landscapes and animals.

Stone carver, Migeon Pascal knows how to use any stone into a work of art. Just for example, pass the wall of his house to realize.

«Les ateliers déco», the art of decoration in a shop on our village.
Learn more about… Les Ateliers Déco.

La Maison des Causses - Rue des Causses - 34210 AIGNE - +33 (0)4 68 91 14 58